First generation 2015-2017

In 2015, Pygmalion started the BadgeFactor project for its mandate to set up a digital badge system with Cadre21. At that time, there was little technological choice that met the needs. So, the choice was to use the BadgeOS plugin on WordPress. Pygmalion has started a new iteration (fork) by developing several other plugins allowing the creation of a standalone digital badge platform.

Pygmalion has hired two Montreal web agencies to carry out the development of BadgeFactor, Parkour3 and ctrlweb. More specifically, Daniel Le Blanc, was the main developer of BadgeFactor’s technology architecture and plug-ins.

The first version of BadgeFactor was launched in January 2016 on the Cadre21 website. The second version with additional features in December 2016.

In March 2017, Pygmalion transformed BadgeFactor into a open source software project to allow several organizations to implement a digital badge system. The aim is to generate digital badges in learning ecosystems.

Pygmalion thanks Cadre21 and the web agencies for contributing to the development of BadgeFactor, both in terms of plugins and generic theme.