The Badge Factor solution on WordPress offers a complete environment for organizations that want to create digital certifications of training, skills, recognition or achievements with digital badge technology (OpenBadges).

WordPress environment

WordPress is the most popular open source content management system (CMS) in the world. This allows:

  • Simple and effective website publishing and management
  • Create multiple types of content (pages, articles)
  • Customization of the site and the graphic theme (visual, interface)
  • Multilingual configuration (with WPML extension)
  • WordPress International Community (developers and plugins)
  • Choice of hosting and ownership of data (customization)
  • Flexibility to customize and evolve your platform according to your needs
  • and more

Features Badge Factor 1.0

Digital badges management system that uses the BadgeOS plugin to federate several WordPress plugins. The digital badges issued conform to the international OpenBadges 1.1 standard. Here are the features according to the 3 types of role on the platform.

Administrator, the dashboard allows:

  • Configuration of the Badge Factor extension
  • Significant url creation (yoursite.com/members/name)
  • Management of user roles and access levels
  • Organization Management
  • Custom statistics report
  • All options in the Trainer role


Trainer, the dashboard allows:

  • Creation and management of learners (individual registration, group)
  • Creation of digital badges (title, description, criteria, image, duration, issuing body, endorser)
  • Creation of a personalized form for the request of a badge (Gravity Form plugin)
    Creation of proof in a PDF attached to the digital badge
  • Award of badges by submission and appointment
  • Personalized statistics of badges and users (report)

Learner, the badge portfolio allows:

  • Creating and editing a learner’s portfolio (image, biography, custom fields) (BuddyPress plugin)
  • Storage and display of badges, classification by category
  • Badge sharing options (social media, printing, integration, PDF certificate)

Extensions Training and e-Commerce

Badge Factor is connected with other internal WordPress commerce extensions and other external free software training services.

Online Learning Management System

  • Using pages in WordPress (eg cadre21.org)
  • Moodle integration (course management platform) (eg enseignementeraluniversite.com)
  • LearnDash WordPress Integration (coming soon)

E-commerce system

  • Integration with the WooCommerce extension
  • Creation and management of “badge” products
  • Online payment (Paypal, financial institutions)
  • Access management, coupon code system
  • Statistical Report

Roadmap to Badge Factor 2.0

The 2nd generation of Badge Factor will be done by the integration of Badgr in the badges generation engine (server side). Badgr is an open source project by Concentric Sky that is a leader in the digital badges universe in the United States and internationally.

New features (progressive)

  • Standard OpenBadges 2.0
  • Import and export of digital badges between platforms
  • Creation of learning pathways (pathway learning)
  • Endorsement by multiple organizations
  • Multilingual in the encoding of badges
  • WordPress multisite (network)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Open and Linked Data
  • Integration with Canvas and edX (MOOC online training platforms)
  • Multi-platform search engine for Open Badges digital badges (BadgeRank)
  • Archiving, security and sustainability with Blockcert (MIT project using Blockchain technology)