BadgeFactor makes it possible to create a turnkey recognition system of digital badges that is simple and effective.

Here are some features:

As an administrator, the dashboard allows:

  • Manage learner profiles
  • Create and configure digital badges
  • Issue digital badges (submissions and nomination)
  • Managing Organizations
  • Viewing statistics (reports)

As a user, the digital badge portfolio allows:

  • Create profile (photo, biography, information)
  • Manage a portfolio of obtained digital badges (public / private, category)
  • Sharing digital badges on the Internet

There are several other plug-ins to enhance the experience:

  • Turnkey WordPress Theme (free)
  • Moodle (course management platform online) (free)
  • E-commerce (connection with WooCommerce) ($)
  • Online wallet ($)
  • Group purchase (pre-authorized list) ($)